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One of a leader’s most important responsibilities is to define direction for his or her team. It is an essential duty, as vision unites the team around a common purpose, lends meaning to each day for every associate within an organization, and converts jobs into campaigns and causes. Oftentimes, businesses start the year with cloudy goals, decaying strategies, and anemic tactical implementation. The Strategy Summit negates this by providing the necessary framework to combat these roadblocks to vision attainment through a 2-day retreat that focuses on: vision, strategy, and tactical execution. The Q4 timing of this experience enables teams to examine, evaluate, and conduct a debrief of the current year’s vision, and leave having constructed the following year’s plan for implementing immediately in Q1. Breakout sessions, personal coaching from Dave, and the Summit’s off-site location combine to create an experience allowing high-level leaders the opportunity to take two days to step back and work on the business that they work in all year.


  • Establishing vision objectives
  • Disseminating vision objectives
  • Eliciting subordinate buy-in and input on vision formulation
  • Identifying and overcoming resistance to strategic implementation and achievement
  • Comparing/contrasting high-impact strategies
  • Parallel execution
  • Execution principles and implementation techniques