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In leadership, accountability is not optional – it is a duty. Yet many leaders fail in this vital discipline, resulting in damage to the culture, the brand, team morale, leadership credibility, and the customer experience. Traditionally, accountability is presented with a negative connotation as something that is done “to” someone; yet, in reality, it is something we do “for” them to enable peak personal and corporate performance. How to Master the Art of Accountability focuses on imparting to leaders the skills and mindset tools necessary to create the conditions for – and facilitation of – stronger accountability despite today’s increasingly entitled and politically correct times. With humorous examples of both political correctness and entitlement woven in throughout the 2-day experience, leaders leave inspired and enabled to create a culture of accountability within their department and organization


  • Political correctness’ impact on accountability
  • Key pillars of culture and accountability
  • Coaching with faster and direct feedback
  • Monthly performance reviews
  • Establishing consequences
  • Recognizing, preventing, and reversing entitlement
  • Accountability skill set and mindset requirements