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Dave and Ryan Fireside

Fireside Chats & Rants

A twenty-ish minute war on complacency and mediocrity discussing real issues, with real solutions, so you can really grow! Every month!

Featuring Dave Anderson and Ryan “The Killer” Cota, this informal, talk-show-format series dives into brutally candid conversations on personal development and tough love leadership. And from time to time a high-performing, high-profile guest will join Dave fireside to share his or her wisdom on topic episodes.

If you’re tired of tiptoeing around sensitive issues and obstacles that make it tougher to grow yourself and your team, you’ll find Fireside Chats & Rants refreshing, energizing, and instructive in your quest to live a Game Changer’s life and help others on their journey! The content is applicable to everyone in any endeavor – regardless your age, background, industry, or education – seeking to become more than they are so they can get more than they’ve got.

No academic theories.

No political correctness.

No warm and fuzzy fluff.

Just unvarnished and immediately applicable takeaways for the thick-skinned (not the thick-skulled)!

New episodes post the 5th of each month, and subscribers gain online access to view each of Season One’s twelve episodes. Review Season One’s lineup below:

Season One: Life Gets Better When You Do!

Don’t expect things to get easier for you if you remain the same. It gets easier when you get better.

Season One’s lineup of twelve high-impact, twenty-minute episodes include:

  • Episode One: Three Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way
  • Episode Two: A Tale of Three Habits: One to Start, One to Stop, One to Improve
  • Episode Three: How to Get Your Way without Forcing Your Way
  • Episode Four: Hard Work without Focus is Futile
  • Episode Five: Six Signs You’re Too Soft and How to Fix Them
  • Episode Six: Overcome the Number One Cause of Personal Failure
  • Episode Seven: Three Essential Routines and Rituals for Daily Peak Performance
  • Episode Eight: Identify and Destroy Personal Complacency
  • Episode Nine: The Biggest Lie about Motivation that’s Holding You Back
  • Episode Ten: Four Hidden Areas Where You Must Raise Your Standards
  • Episode Eleven: Eliminate Workplace Tardiness & Other Recurring Performance Defects
  • Episode Twelve: Earn Buy-in to Tough Changes and Higher Expectations

Annual Subscription: $399 for all twelve monthly episodes

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