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Get Intentional with Your Growth

To become intentionally great, you must work as rigorously on yourself as you do on your job.

Champions in any endeavor are developed DAILY, not in a day. The greatest and most consistent people live by a certain set of principles that contribute to their success. Among those is having a deliberate and systematic plan to grow themselves. They understand that life doesn’t come along and improve them by accident – that learning, like so much that is worthwhile in life, can’t be left to chance. They don’t make their growth incidental, but intentional.

Do you have a monthly intentional growth program to work on specific skills, habits, or attitudes? If you do, when is the last time you took it up a notch and raised your basis? If you don’t, do you believe that committing to intentional growth might just accelerate your success exponentially?

If you’re ready to train like an athlete so you can sell and live like a champion, Dave’s online training platform has the tools to help you get more intentional in your personal growth journey. Exclusive for Family First Life agents, this sales and personal development training package gives you personal access to a continually growing library (currently over 105 hours) of virtual training videos from Dave Anderson across dozens of topics in sales and motivation:

  • Sales Steps

  • Personal Growth

  • Prospecting, Repeats, and Referrals

  • Attitude, Character, and Discipline

  • Closing, and Objections

  • Customer Experience

  • Special Sales Techniques

  • And more!

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Lock in this introductory pricing for the lifetime of your subscription, and get started today!



  • Over 105 hours of Sales & Personal Development Content
  • New Content Added Regularly
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Normally $19.99 monthly


  • Over 105 hours of Sales & Personal Development Content
  • New Content Added Regularly
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Normally $199 annually

The selling profession has unlimited potential, and it’s up to you to pay the price to cash in on the prize. Whether you’re just getting started with a career in sales, are a seasoned veteran already reaping the benefits of a successful career, or are just looking to get better at persuading, influencing, and communicating your ideas with others, the day you stop paying the price to develop your skills and talents is the day both you and your income will stop growing. Get better at what you do with courses and short video clips from Dave on: sales steps; closing and overcoming objections; prospecting, acquiring referrals and repeat customers; special sales techniques; and more!


Training Categories Include…

Topical Sales Courses

Courses averaging 25-30 minutes in length, that include a short fill-in-the-blank handout and action plan to convert your goals into action.

Included Courses

Sales Q&A’s

Here Dave answers dozens of frequently asked questions in sales, offering tips, strategies, and advice for every conceivable challenge that sale professionals face. These concise tips are great for personal development and quick assistance for various sales situations.

Included Segments

Sales Coaching Clips

In these quick clips, Dave gives coaching on various sales situations and challenges – helping you to reinforce what you’re doing well and correct your course where you can improve.

Included Segments

Motivational Minutes

We all can use a motivational boost from time to time, and in this series of videos, Dave gives quick hits of motivation with messages regarding: attitude, relationships, work-life balance, facing challenges, and more!

Included Segments

And More!

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