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On any organization or team’s roster, there are normally four types of performers: undertakers, caretakers, playmakers, and game changers. The behaviors associated with each category go beyond skills, knowledge, talent, or experience; they are primarily motivated by one’s mindset. Mindset is the linchpin that determines how well and consistently the individual’s aforementioned attributes are activated, thereby influencing his or her level of success. Based on Dave’s latest book, Unstoppable, Mission Unstoppable provides a filter for honestly evaluating your personal mindset, and outlines steps, decisions, and adjustments one can take to elevate their performance to game changer status. Whether you’re starting your first job or need a refreshed perspective on your career, Mission Unstoppable puts you in the best frame of mind to be extraordinary.


  • Four types of performance groups and accompanying mindset characteristics
  • 8 key traits of game changers
  • Daily focus and consistency
  • Personal decisions vs. external conditions
  • Daily mindset discipline
  • Unstoppable philosophy
  • Developing a personal WHY
  • Inspiring and elevating others through personal example