Frequently Asked Questions

How does your information differ from the competition?

It is updated monthly and is based on real-world business experience and scenarios, rather than on an academic approach.

How much is the Anderson Training Vault?

We customize each quote to address each client's unique needs and situation. The investment is based on factors like: number of locations, users, which package(s) is selected and length of the agreement. Once we have this information we can offer a quote within minutes.

Can I have a password to view the Anderson Training Vault with my team?

You won't need one. Taking the product tour will give you a comprehensive view of our training, its message and Dave's style of delivery. In addition, our customer service coordinators will take as much time as you'd like to walk you through the various modules and their materials. There are many valuable materials on the training vault that may be down-loaded and used with a password. Because of this, and to protect the integrity of our subscriber's investment, we do not offer passwords to our system.

Do you update your material on a regular basis?

We own a state-of-the-art production studio where we film new material monthly: short clips as well as two complete DVDs (one sales and one leadership). As business challenges and opportunities change, so must your strategy. Our consistently updated and enhanced material guarantees your team members never feel the training has gotten "old".

How often can I access the training?

As often as you like, 24/7. There are no per minute charges to discourage using this resource.

Can I add my own material?

There is great flexibility to add your own videos, video messages to team members, helpful forms and more.

Is Dave Anderson the only trainer presenting the material?

Dave is the exclusive trainer for the Anderson Training Vault.

How can I get started?

Upon approval of our agreement, we can activate your system quickly. We can also do team or individual walk-throughs to acquaint your team members with the system and get them on the same page at the same time.

Do you offer ongoing training on the system? What about when we need a refresher or hire someone new?

There is no charge for ongoing training or to train new hires as you bring them on board. These costs are covered by your one-time set up fee to activate the system.

Can I access the Anderson Training Vault anywhere at any time?

Yes. All you need is a working Internet connection.

Can I customize my own site?

Absolutely. You can use your logos, photos and more.

How can I get a tour of the Anderson Training Vault?

Call 818-735-9503.

Does each video come with a handout?

Many of our programs come with complete workbooks available for download. The topical sales and management DVDs all come with fill-in-the-blank handouts. The interactive aspect of this improves engagement and retention.